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Create your free account through an on-campus computer first, then access the app from your device:

Clinical Key, First Consult, evidence-based point-of-care mobile resource.

Docphin, created for and by physicians. Evidence-based research, landmark articles, AMA category 1 credits and online journal club.

PsychiatryOnline, Psychiatry reference resource.

StatRef, a cross-searchable, healthcare reference that integrates core titles with evidence-based resources and innovative tools in one site.

UptoDate, UptoDate, evidence-based point-of-care mobile resource.

Visual DX, allows you to build a differential diagnosis based on patient findings or look up a diagnosis by name. Image viewer and clinical text for a diagnosis.


Free apps available directly from the source:  These links will take you to the respective home page.  You can also search for them through your preferred app store.

Center for Disease Control, information on seasonal flu, H1N1 flu, public health emergencies, and more.

Epocrates, drug interactions, alternative medicine and pricing information.

Eponyms, brings a short description of more than 1,700 common and obscure medical eponyms.

Medscape, drug reference includes detailed information on over 7,500 prescription drugs, OTCs & herbals.  The clinical reference includes over 4,000 detailed articles covering diseases, condition & procedure articles and over 2,500 images and 150 videos.

MerckMedicus, breaking medical news, a wide variety of online learning resources, cutting-edge diagnostic tools, and even the patient's perspective on the world of medicine.

New England Journal of Medicine, Mobile: Massachusetts Medical Society weekly publications, images, audio and video.

Skyscape, calculators, outlines, drug index.


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Last updated: June 27, 2017
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